Understandably, many people are nervous in the current circumstances about making longer journeys around the country.  However, whether for business or pleasure, there’s bound to be a time you’ll need to consider catching a train to get to where you need to go.

In these situations, it’s worth considering transfer companies – such as Allport Cars – as a safer way of making your journey.

Matthew Croft from Allport Cars says: “Many of us are now working from home, however there will doubtless be occasions when staff will still need to travel to London or other places for an occasional meeting or catch-up. A lot of businesses are now discouraging their staff from using public transport and recommending other methods of transport. Transfer companies are the ideal alternative.”

New safety measures

Allport Cars has adopted stringent safety and cleansing measures to ensure passengers are as safe as possible.

  • Cars are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly after each journey
  • Drivers wear a fresh pair of gloves for each journey
  • Drivers wash their hands after each journey and hand sanitise regularly
  • Passengers handle their own luggage or driver can assist to load into car and sanitise hands before and after
  • Payments by cards/contactless are preferred, they do still accept cash
  • A driver will never come to work if feeling unwell
  • Currently two of their cars have safety screens between the driver and rear passengers

Now that holiday restrictions have eased, many people will be planning their much-need trips abroad.  You can avoid stressful train and tube journeys by booking Allport Cars to deliver you to the airport, seaport or train station safely.

Matthew continues:  “It’s always worth booking Allport as soon as you’ve arranged your holiday. We’re very flexible and once you’re on our system, we prioritise your booking and can make any amendments should your plans or circumstances change.”

Transfer companies – the ideal option

Transfer companies are also an ideal option if you need to travel around the country for personal reasons, such as meeting up again with friends and loved-ones. They are also a good idea for students travelling safely back to university once the summer holidays are over.

So, get in touch with Allport Cars if you’d like to find out how they can deliver you to your destination – whether it’s to an airport, university, business meeting or a trip to see a friend.

Your safety is Allport’s priority!