Fancy tracking system for Allport Cars!

Allport Cars has set up a new tracking system which ensures first class communication with passengers once they’ve made their booking.  Called Cab Tracker, it’s a great system which gives customers peace of mind as they receive up-to-date information including:

  • Registration number of the car that will be collecting them
  • The driver’s name and photo
  • Details of the booking
  • Location of the car whilst travelling to the collection point

Cab Tracker is particularly helpful at providing peace of mind for nervous or vulnerable passengers.  It also helps reassure those passengers on a tight schedule, such as business customers or people travelling to catch a ferry or flight.

Cab Tracker in action
Where’s my cab?
Who will my driver be?

Matthew Croft from Allport Cars says: “When someone’s booked a car for an important journey, it’s natural for them to worry about things like whether the car will turn up on time, if they’ve planned enough time for the journey, if they’re being picked up by the right person, or whether they’ve definitely booked the car at all! The Cab Tracker system means customers can see the details of their booking at the click of a button or touch of a screen.  We know that Allport Cars has a great reputation for providing a professional and reliable service – but sometimes people need that extra peace of mind.”

The new system is easy to use.  It operates via the customer’s mobile phone – they automatically receive details of their booking and can click on a link for updates.  They will also be notified with important reminders.

Yet another reason to use Allport Cars for your local transfer service.